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Windows are something that adds a hue of grace to the overall vista. Be it a facade or your bedroom, choosing the right window type comes crucial. You choose a perfectly beautiful window at the wrong location, and there you have a mess that could have been a musing. We spoke to Radvi, one of the top Interior Designers in India, about how to choose the perfect window type for the perfect location. Radvi is the leading name in the field of interior designing and real estate matters – One thing it revealed to us is that people often overlook the purpose of a window – “It is not less about the beauty of the window, but more about the overall composition.”

Here is a brief about how to choose the right window type for your well-deserving home.

The Purpose of Windows in your home!


They say that life sings sweetly once you know its purpose. Knowing the purpose does not do miracles in a flash, but it indeed helps in making the right choices. When we talk about windows in a home, we usually talk of a frame. It is nothing less than a sin to diminish a beautiful thing into a mere frame. No! Windows are like the eyes of a dorm; they serve you an outlook into the outer world and vice versa. No expert interior designers neglect things when it comes to windows.

Windows are one of the most vital features of a home. It offers us :

  • Light
  • Air
  • Natural aroma
  • Warmth and Beauty

badly chosen windows can make one feel confined and restricted too. Whereas choose the perfect window for a small room and it has the ability to make you feel large.

Choosing the right window for your home – Top Interior Designers Tips!

Now, it comes down to how you can choose the right window type for your home. If you have a larger space and require many windows, then we will always suggest you go look for the top interior designers in India. They hold the expertise and can help you shape your home phenomenally like a divine.

If you have a smaller space or require a change for a room or two, you may decide it by yourself. Use your desires, your knowledge, and blend it into creative brainstorming.

The first thing you must take care of is to know the different elements to think about. It will help you choose perfection for your home.

Elements of interior designing for windows!

Considering the many elements of interior designing helps one to shape a property into perfection. When we talk of windows, there are elements that change the impact of the final product that all the top interior designers in India use. Here are few of these many elements to consider for windows architecture and designing –

  • The different components of a window.
    • Frame
    • Cill and Lintel
    • Glazing
    • Mullion
    • Locks and Handles
    • Weather Strips
  • The elements of interior designing
    • Color
    • Form
    • Geometry
    • Space
    • Texture
    • Pattern
    • Light
  • The place where windows are getting chosen for.
  • Privacy and Security matters.
  • Quantity of light that one requires.

Tips to choose the right window type for your home!

Now, it is about the different options available to choose from. Know that these options keep on changing based on trends, technology, and demand. Here is a brief list of different windows that most top interior designers in India choose from.

Palladian Windows!

This window has got its name from the neoclassical Italian architect Andrea Palladio. Although this window type has a long history, it still gets considered a lot by aesthetics – because once a wise poet had said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Palladian Windows are long vertical windows with sidelights, fanlight, or often portholes. These are great for halls and entrances.

Awning Windows!

These are hinged panels that go upwards when you open them. These windows are often used in combination with other window types. For example, you can use awning windows above or below other window types, like casement windows. This way you have a small area to use for air circulation in times of need.

Clerestory Windows!

These are not actually windows but sort of windows. These windows have their history in the Gothic era where these were used at the very top of other windows. These are small windows that are placed horizontally in a trail to provide space for light and air. Consult some interior designers regarding where you might use them.

Bay windows and Bow windows!

These windows have frames protruded outside the wall. If the protrusion has a curved or bow-like shape, then it is called a bow window. If the protrusion has been made using straight lines like an upper part of an octagon, then it is a bay window.

These windows serve one with an added sense of space. However, one must know that they might add a little cost to one’s budget attributed to custom drapery and frame.

Casement windows!

These are simple rectangular or square windows that have side-hinged panels. These panels open in a swinging fashion. One thing that must be considered is the way these windows open. Prefer letting them open up outwards. This will allow you to avoid hassles in draperies and save you some space.

Sash Windows and Sliding Windows!

These are two panels divided horizontally in the middle. This way, these panels slide open over the other panel. Generally, the lower panel slides upwards. These panels are called sashes. If only one panel slides above, it is called single-hung sash; if both the panels slide, it is called double-hung sash.

It allows the cooler air to enter from the bottom and rising warmer air to exit from above.

When the panels slide horizontally aside instead of vertically, we call them sliding windows.

Jalousie Windows!

These windows are like window-blinds or louvered doors. These louvered slats open up and close down based on the requirements. The name behind this window has a funny history. Jalousie, in French, means jealousy. It was named after the idea that this window allows a jealous lover to peek out without being seen.

These windows come helpful in specific climates. For example, in an area where it rains, these windows help greatly. They stop the rain from getting in while allowing air to keep flowing. This prevents the build-up of humidity.

Skylight Windows!

This window is often used on the roof or ceiling to allow the natural light to come in while keeping the dust and pollution out. A great addition to the bedroom, these windows allow one to enjoy the natural sunlight in the coziness of their bedrooms. However, know that these should be avoided in extremely hot climates. These windows are generally made from plexiglass (weather-resistant thermoplastic), glass, or plastic.

When to look for an interior designer for window architecture?

Now, many people do ask this question if to look for the best interior designers in India or to do it yourself. The general idea is if you can afford the expertise and experience offered by an interior designer, go for one. Another thing is the area that requires designing. If you are generally deciding things about a smaller portion for change or reparation purposes, you may have your own call in it.

There are top interior designers in India that offer quality interior arrangements and architecture and a very fine cost. Check out Radvi, which has been offering all the quality real estate and interior designing services under one roof – . If you have a large property to get shaped. You won’t want to ruin your large potential-home by going for orthodox methods.