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When we talk about the staircase, we talk about going up. But some people build their staircase in such a way that they plan to go not just up, but straight up. They either choose the wrong design, the wrong material, or the wrong architect and builder. When we talk about materials, there are many types available for staircases. One that fascinates many is the steel staircase. We spoke to Radvi, best builders in India, about it – . Here is what they said about steel staircase as a choice for luxury villas and homes.

Steel is generally considered well for its strength and durability. But how good is it for a staircase?

Steel Staircase – The banes and the blessings!


When we talk about staircase materials, there are many available in the market. Here are some of the most famous staircase materials available –

  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Metal – Iron, Steel, etc.

When we talk about steel staircases, there are many good things about it. But there are also things that people should take care of. When you get your luxury villas, houses, or homes get built by expert architects and builders, you get told about all the things. Says Radvi, best builders in India always decide about the material based on space, climate, design, and personal desires. It is a must.

So, if you too are planning to have steel staircases, here are the things that you must know beforehand.

1 – Benefits of Steel Staircases!

1.1 – Steel Staircase provides strength and durability!

When we talk about steel, we often about the strength it possesses. Steel is considered as one of the strongest materials in the market for construction purposes. This is the reason that industries go for steel structures. Steel structures are robust and have the strength to withstand the climatic and disastrous challenges. Where concrete stairs may fail to handle a high Richter scale earthquake, steel staircase can withstand it, given that the steel is of good quality.

Furthermore, steel staircases have the ability to withstand the test of time. Where other metals and materials might wear off easily with time, steel keeps standing with the same appearance and strength. For example, wood staircases may change shape due to seasonal effects; it may also see indentations made by sharp and heavy objects. Steel is also considered to be corrosion resistant. This means that it provides long-term strength to the structure.

1.2 – Security against falls!

You might have heard of people falling on a stone staircase and getting seriously injured. Sometimes the injuries even take over life. This is because stone or concrete do not have the ability to take the pressure or impact when something falls over it. Any glass will easily break off after falling on concrete. Whereas, the same glass can survive the fall on a steel surface.

Steel Staircase has the ability to take on a certain amount of impact of the things or people falling on it. This means fewer chances of injuries. The chance of slipping also comes down when the staircase gets designed by the best builders and architects in India.

1.3 – You get freedom to choose the design!

This is the quality of metal that it has the ability to get moulded as per desires. You cannot shape stones into many different shapes. Stones need to be carved, and it is hard. But metals can be shaped into many different designs. Furthermore, the rise in technology has taken up this ability a level higher. The designs that were not possible a decade ago are all possible now.

Steel staircases are now in trend due to this quality. You’ll often find stylish staircase designs into luxury villas and houses due to the expertise of professional builders and architects in India. If you have any plans already to get a surreal steel staircase, then try getting your consultation done – Radvi will be able to guide you through it with its professional expertise.

1.4 – Steel is Eco-Friendly!

Not only is this metal sturdy, this is eco-friendly too. Steel has the ability to get recycled and reused without any loss of quality. It comes easy on the environment because of its low impact on nature.

Another good thing about steel is that it requires low maintenance. This means an extra saving of money. Also, things used in repairs will now be saved from impacting the environment.

Now, as we have already looked on the benefits it offers, it is time to look at its bad side. Steel is no divine and it has its issues too.

2 – Limitations of using Steel Staircases!

Just like any other thing in the world, steel has its issues too. But also, there are ways through which these issues could be easily resolved.

2.1 – Leads to loud sounds!

Metals are often known for their ability to resonate impacts as loud sounds. You hit some metal and there a musical note will start reverberating in the surroundings. Steel staircases also produce sounds when you walk on them. If you require silence, there would be some challenges. However, this issue can be handled using an expert architect’s help. One way is to use a mix of different materials to create the staircase that you desire.

2.2 – Prone to mistakes in dimensions!

Unlike wood, which can be carved and shaped at home, steel staircases come pre-designed from the factory. This means that one needs proper planning and accurate measurements to get things done. If there remains an error in measurement, the structure goes back for alterations. This leads to a waste of time and money. The way to handle this is to hire an expert architect and builder that has been in the industry for decades. The sheer knowledge guides the home towards grace and goodness.

2.3 – Traps the temperature!

Such is the quality of metal that it traps the temperature and retains it for long. If you live in a hotter climate, steel will trap this heat and then conduct it to the person walking over it. Furthermore, if the steel is poorly fireproofed or not fireproofed, it can lead to fires after coming in contact with flammable materials.

Regarding heat, you may use a combination of different materials to handle the issue.

Regarding rust, the steel must be stainless/rustless and properly treated. It will be able to withstand the nips of moisture then.

These are all the goods and the bads of using steel staircase. Where steel looks good and is flexible, it has its disadvantages too. Get in contact with an expert in the field like Radvi is serving the real estate industry for over 3 decades and has the professional knowledge that has helped its large clientele. Get in their contact and discuss your requirements.