The core proposition of 3Commas is rebalancing your portfolio automatically. It will buy or sell coins based on your allocation percentages, maintaining a balanced portfolio. Upon breaking the specified ratio, the software will notify you and sell the corresponding coins. There are many other features to help you manage your portfolio, including detailed reporting. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, 3Commas is an excellent tool to help you get started with cryptocurrency trading.

Using 3Commas’s trading bots, you can create a fully automated trading process. You can use a combination of signals and configurations from other users, or you can copy a successful trader’s method. The 3Commas marketplace is accessible through their website or mobile app, which lets you view a list of signals that have worked for others. You can also copy signals from external vendors to generate a highly effective trading strategy.

The automated trading bot included with 3Commas enables you to enter and exit a certain number of times without losing your investment. It also includes an exit strategy, which is determined by an algorithm. You can choose which exit strategy is appropriate for your investment style. The 3Commas website offers a free demo and is available in Russian and English. You can contact the support team through the website or through the help center, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

Although 3Commas works with 22 different exchanges, not all of them support trading bots, they are still highly efficient in executing trades, and they offer a wealth of tools for users of all levels. They have many customizable features and a smart trade feature that enables users to monitor and analyze their crypto portfolios. They also offer ready-made templates and tutorials for the upcoming trading season. The price of 3Commas is comparable to Kraken.

Users can create multi-leg automated orders using the 3Commas smart trade function, which enables multiple exchange access from one hub. Moreover, the smart trade function enables multi-leg automated orders through a bot, so users don’t have to worry about security and privacy issues. Moreover, the exchange itself has high security standards, including 2FA (two-factor authentication) for its API keys. These security features ensure your investment is safe from hackers.

Using a crypto trading bot is an efficient way to maximize your investment profits. The 3Commas trading bot works on more than a dozen exchanges and has over 220,000 registered users. Its user interface is intuitive, and its advanced analytics make the program a valuable asset management tool. You can even personalise the trading strategies through a dashboard. It also works well with paper trading. And since it supports up to 23 exchanges, 3Commas is a great choice for anyone looking to increase their trading profits.

In addition to using the 3Commas trading bot, 3Commas also supports trading strategies that mimic successful traders and use automated buying and selling tools. Using these tools, you can copy their trading strategies and adopt their trading tactics based on your own settings. It is also possible to connect external exchange accounts to 3Commas, although you must sign up for each exchange separately. You can also connect your external accounts with 3Commas and then use their automated strategies to trade the cryptocurrency markets.